Batteriediagnos. Foto: MAHLE

Mahle is the first provider to enable battery diagnostics in independent workshops

Mahle Aftermarket is the first provider worldwide to enable independent workshops to also carry out battery diagnostics on e-vehicles. The spare parts and service division of the international automotive supplier has equipped its TechPRO diagnostic device with new software for this purpose. It will initially be available free of charge. As part of the further expansion of the diagnostic function, MAHLE Aftermarket will develop suitable license models for its customers. With this step, Mahle is opening up new future-proof business areas beyond the combustion engine for independent workshops.

“Electric vehicles are now increasingly reaching independent workshops. Enabling our customers to diagnose batteries is an important first step in their transition to e-mobility,” said Olaf Henning, member of the MAHLE Executive Board and head of the Aftermarket division. “We work every day to open up new business areas for the workshops around diagnostics, calibration, thermal management and fluid management.”

Battery diagnosis is necessary for the maintenance and repair of e-vehicles, but also for determining the residual value. The new battery diagnosis function will be uploaded to the MAHLE and Brain Bee TechPRO® diagnosis devices in the workshops with the rule update at the end of March.

The MAHLE TechPRO® recognizes all existing error codes in an average of 30 seconds. The Linux-based system communicates with all modules installed in the vehicle and reports over 54,000 detailed OEM error code descriptions. It saves all data logs locally for later playback if needed without having to reconnect to the vehicle.

The robust touchscreen enables simple and intuitive operation of the diagnostic system – from the current vehicle status to guided troubleshooting and the corresponding component coding. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi, regular software updates take place independently via the Internet, so TechPRO® is always up to date.

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