Many travel suggestions with evway Travel Network, to explore the area by moving in a conscious way

“Nobody nowadays can believe the difference a car has made to a person’s life. To be able to go wherever you choose; in places beyond the reach of the legs, to broaden the entire horizon”, wrote Agatha Christie in her autobiography. And if the journey is sustainable thanks to the propulsion of a clean engine, then there is even more pleasure in discovering the beauties offered along the way.

From culture to landscape pearls to food and wine, one of evway’s most popular features is the Travel Network, which offers suggestions to all EV-drivers looking for the right inspiration to combine an electric shift with an opportunity to explore the territory and its wonders, in full respect of nature. evway Travel Network is the ideal travel companion for those who drive electric, because it doesn’t only makes available a large number of suggestions for itineraries and stops, but at the same time it facilitates the booking of the stay or the experience from the evway app, to embellish the short or the long trip or vacation at a network facility.


A carefree journey with evway itineraries

Sustainable tourism is a rapidly growing trend, paused only by the emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic, but ready to resume stronger than before. evway Travel Network offers a wide choice of itineraries that make it even easier to organize a green and conscious travel, since everything is already prepared, just follow the directions. Just as if it were a pocket-sized, personalized and free tourist agency.

Each week a new itinerary is added enriched by a whole range of information such as indications of points of interest in the area and, of course, the nearby charging stations to enjoy the experience without too many thoughts. From a weekend away, to an e-bike tour, to a sustainable holiday, there is something for everyone.

In fact, you can explore Italy from the majestic Dolomites to the ancient charm of the Sassi di Matera, passing through places to discover such as the Valle d’Itria in Puglia, the pearls of eastern Sicily from Portopalo to Capo Passero up to the excellence of Monferrato in Piedmont and the Amalfi Coast in Campania.

Thanks to its more than 200,000 charging points scattered throughout Europe, the evway network embraces numerous tourist attractions of the Old Continent and collects them in the exclusive collection of itineraries already prepared for its users, such as the Grand Tour Basel – Neuchâtel in Switzerland, the commendable mix of tradition and sustainability in the Austrian Alps, the evocative experience from the Portuguese Algarve coast to Barcelona in Spain to the splendid views of Germany from the northernmost region starting from Bremen or in search of the places that inspired the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.


How Evway Travel Network itineraries work

In addition to being freely available on the official website, the Travel Network can be exploited to the fullest by the official evway application that can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS. Just tap on the icon at the bottom right to open the Itineraries section and access the list of destinations to explore.

Each proposal counts on an introduction page, on the list of stops scheduled for each day of the tour, on the description of each stop and finally on the map with the layout of the entire route, which can be filtered by single day. All points of interest are accompanied by numerous photos and precise and detailed information to allow you to organize your trip in the best way possible. Each itinerary can also be exported in three different digital formats for convenient consultation at any time. Thanks to the ever-growing facilities that have entered the evway network, it is finally possible to book directly from the app to access special offers and promotions.

in short, thanks to the evway Travel Network, the horizon becomes ever broader and richer in wonders to be discovered as you move through the streets of Europe in a clean and conscious way.

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