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Mastercard and Last Mile Solutions: Introduction of a Europe-wide, universal terminal solution for charging e-vehicles

Mastercard and Last Mile Solutions announced a new partnership to establish new payment standards for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry that will improve the user payment experience at charging stations. The new solution will enable CPOs to seamlessly integrate their (existing) charging stations with a variety of payment terminal brands without the need for a large integration effort. The new payment gateway solution will unify the user experience and simplify payment terminal integration, onboarding and transaction processing.
Through this collaboration, Mastercard and Last Mile Solutions aim to support the expansion of charging infrastructure across Europe by removing existing barriers and simplifying the charging process for EV drivers through interoperable and universal payment solutions. The solution will be rolled out across Europe from early 2024 to enable CPOs to comply with the EU AFIR regulation, which comes into force in April 2024.

“In the dynamic world of payment systems and EV charging, this strategic partnership between Mastercard and Last Mile Solutions will accelerate the seamless adoption of EVs. Our market leadership will help us provide straightforward payment terminal solutions for both retrofitting existing charging stations and building new charging stations. This collaboration will help charging station operators to seamlessly facilitate integration and comply with AFIR regulations. Our solution will allow operators to focus on their core business,” says Eric van Voorden, Chief Executive Officer, Last Mile Solutions.

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06.02.2024   |  

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