MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2016

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The world of materials is developing rapidly and is becoming increasingly complex. In order to be able to develop high class and attractive products in the future, companies have to keep the two main features in their focus today: outstanding design and high technology expertise. By perfectly combining intelligent material selection, expert engineering, a high degree of innovation and impressive design enables companies to gain competitive advantages.

To honor outstanding products and concepts, that meet these demanding criteria, we have launched the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 13 years ago. By addressing designers and engineers alike, the award has been a trendsetting distinction for innovative products at the interface of material development and application as well as aesthetic and functional design since its premiere in 2003. Therefore, it is considered a must among the internationally recognized design awards.

The jury will once again search for real product innovations and carefully selected the most innovative and promising contributions among the applications that will be eventually nominated as finalists of the 13th edition of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award.


In each category the best applications will be nominated as finalists. The best four applications will be awarded as the winners of the MATERIALICA Best-of-Award in the respective category. The other applications will be awarded the Silver or Gold Award in the respective category. All nominated applications will be separately in a displayed in a dedicated Exhibition at the trade fair as the finalists of the MATERIALICA Award.

You can apply in the following categories:

– Material
– Surface & Technology
– Product
– CO2 Efficiency
– Student


– Scientific-technological Performance
– Sales performance / market Impulse
– Sustainability
– Safety
– Innovation
– Engineering / design
– Feasibility
– Potential of successful implementation
– Economic Efficiency


Application to be handed in: August 26, 2016
Announcement of the nominees: September, 2016
MATERIALICA Award Design Show: October 18-20, 2016


The winners of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award will be selected by an Independent specialist jury in a non-public session.

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Holger Neumann
PR & Award Manager

Phone: +49 (89) 32 29 91-34

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