Die SVOLT-Festkörperzellen weisen eine Energiedichte von 350-400 Wh/kg auf. Damit können E-Fahrzeuge mit einer Reichweite von über 1.000 Kilometern realisiert werden. Foto: SVOLT

More than 1000 kilometers of range: Svolt develops prototypes with sulfide-based solid-state electrolyte

VOLT Energy Technology Co, Ltd (SVOLT), a global high-tech company headquartered in China, is making decisive progress in the development of solid-state batteries. The company recently produced its first batch of 20Ah cells with sulfide-based solid-state electrolyte. These solid-state cells are considered the next step in the development of advanced battery technology. SVOLT is the first battery manufacturer in China to demonstrate the production of this type of solid state cell.

Solid state cells are superior to liquid lithium batteries

SVOLT solid-state cells have an energy density of 350-400 Wh/kg. With this energy density, vehicles with a range of over 1000 kilometers can be realized. The cells with sulfide-based solid-state electrolyte are superior to cells with liquid electrolyte in terms of energy density, charging speed, safety, cycling stability and temperature resistance. This was demonstrated by successfully completing abuse tests, such as a 200°C hot box test and a nail penetration test. These test conditions typically cause thermal runaway in high energy liquid electrolyte cells – but SVOLT’s new 20Ah cells survived the tests unscathed.

SVOLT employs its own research and development team for the further development of this important future technology. Together with top scientific institutes, the battery manufacturer is overcoming the technical challenges that still stand in the way of the solid-state battery’s breakthrough: High conductivity of the solid-state electrolyte and the separating layers, maintaining stable contact of the interfaces over long periods of time, and efficient transfer of lithium ions at the interface, even at high C-rates. https://svolt-eu.com

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