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Sustainable aviation: CustomCells strengthens its commitment to eAviation

Lithium-ion battery cell developer CustomCells announces its strategic move to achieve European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) design organization and manufacturing organization certifications. This landmark initiative underscores CustomCells’ commitment to advancing the electrification of aviation and setting new standards for airworthy battery solutions. CustomCells is deepening its involvement in the e-Aviation ecosystem’s exhibition and conference season and participated in the “AERO Friedrichshafen” aviation exhibition with its partner VÆRIDION. The company’s new white paper was also presented there. Entitled “The Enabler of eAviation: Advanced Batteries for a Cleaner Sky”, CustomCells provides an overview of the status of current developments and shows how its high-performance battery cells will help electric flight achieve a breakthrough.

A milestone for CustomCells

Achieving EASA certification is an important milestone in our journey and underscores our commitment to excellence, safety and innovation in the development of battery cells that meet the stringent requirements of electric aviation. By meeting the stringent EASA standards, CustomCells aims to provide the aviation industry with battery cells that offer unsurpassed reliability, performance and safety. CustomCells is committed to transparency and collaboration with regulators, industry partners and stakeholders to achieve this certification process.

Advanced batteries for cleaner skies

While the electrification of road transportation is steadily progressing, a comparable technological shift in aviation is yet to come. Together with its customers, CustomCells is driving the transition to environmentally friendly battery-electric propulsion systems, paving the way for sustainable and climate-neutral aviation.“As a company dedicated to the development of advanced energy storage solutions, we are pleased to share our insights and expertise with industry representatives, cooperation partners and the interested public – and with all aviation enthusiasts who, like us, have a vision of a sustainable, electrified future of aviation,” says Dr. Dirk Abendroth, CEO of the CustomCells Group.
With this white paper, CustomCells provides an overview of the technological future of aviation. Particular attention is paid to the crucial role that lithium-ion batteries will play in the electrification of aviation. The paper outlines the current eAviation landscape and the highly dynamic development in this area, presents the different types of electric aircraft and the different battery form factors and also describes the certification of electrically powered aircraft.

Central component of the electric transformation of flying

As one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of lithium-ion battery cells in the premium segment, CustomCells plays a key role in shaping innovations in the field of eAviation. “CustomCells is a pioneer and technological trailblazer in the battery industry. The electrification of aviation requires innovative solutions that did not exist before,” says Abendroth. “Our pioneering battery cell solutions are the key to unlocking the immense potential of electric flight and ushering in an era in which aircraft are emission-free, quiet and efficient. We are the co-pilots of the next century’s history.”

Eric Swedersky, Senior Vice President Commercialization at CustomCells, adds: “The use of high-performance battery cells enables the next generation of flying – from electric vertical take-off and short-haul aircraft to conventional take-off and landing aircraft. The first battery-electric aircraft of this type are already in the starting blocks for short-haul flights, equipped with the latest battery cell technology from CustomCells – including Lilium and VÆRIDION. This opens up a completely new segment of urban and regional mobility. Sustainable, digital and electrically powered, eAviation offers innovative solutions for modern mobility requirements. CustomCells is driving this development forward with high-performance battery cells developed in Germany.” The whitepaper is available for download here:




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