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Network integration of e-vehicles: implementation of the energy transition

A growing proportion of renewable energies will require suitable storage options in the future, because sun and wind do not supply energy evenly. The integration of e-car batteries as flexible consumers offers great potential here. Customers should be able to benefit from lower electricity prices. However, the shift of large parts of mobility into the electricity system increases the demands on the distribution grids, so that at the same time care must be taken not to overload the local grids. In the vicinity of the Volkswagen site in Zwickau, Elli and MITNETZ STROM (a 100 percent subsidiary of envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM)) will show in the coming months how electromobility and the energy industry can grow together and how this challenge can be solved. In a joint pilot project, optimized charging strategies will be taking into account both regional electricity generation from renewable energies and the available capacities in the distribution network. E-vehicles from the Volkswagen Group are used here. The project shows how customer-friendly products for intelligent charging of elec- rovehicles: Regionally generated wind and solar power, which would otherwise have to be switched off at higher voltage levels until the grid expansion is complete, can be used specifically to charge electric cars. At the same time, software coordinates the planned charging processes between e-cars and the network operator. This prevents bottlenecks in the local network and the existing network capacity is used in the best possible way to enable fast and customer-friendly integration of green electricity and electric vehicles even before the expansion is completed.

Concrete recommendations for action for the further development of the legal and regulatory framework will be derived from the pilot application in order to enable efficient interaction between the power grid and electromobility in the future. In addition, a scalable concept for secure and efficient data exchange is being developed, which provides future-proof and scalable data paths between customers with “flexibility”, suppliers and network operators. www.elli.eco; www.e-bridge.de; www.mitnetz-strom.de

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