Taycan - Kaltlanderprobung und Entwicklung. Foto: Porsche AG

New Porsche Taycan: confident on 3.6 million extreme test kilometers

Shortly before the significantly revised version of the Taycan is launched on the market in spring 2024, the all-electric sports car is currently undergoing its final intensive test drives. In total, models of the new generation in the Sport Sedan, Cross Turismo and Sport Turismo versions have covered around 3.6 million test kilometers on proving grounds, race tracks and public roads around the globe. And under extreme conditions: The temperature scale ranged from plus 53 degrees Celsius in Death Valley in California/USA to minus 41 degrees Celsius in Finland north of the Arctic Circle.

Following early computer simulations and extensive test bench tests, the updated Taycan is now undergoing the final stages of real-world testing on test tracks and public roads. All three body variants – the Taycan sports saloon, the versatile Taycan Cross Turismo, which is available with an off-road package, and the sporty and practical Taycan Sport Turismo – will benefit from the extensive modifications right from the market launch.

Of the 3.6 million kilometers of testing, 300,000 were in cold country testing and 200,000 in hot country testing. Around 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the electric sports car not only proved its driving dynamics potential on snow and ice in Finland, but also charging times, which were sometimes halved in cold temperatures. In the freezing cold, on icy lakes and in deep snow, the new Taycan demonstrated its operational capability in adverse conditions. Equally challenging, albeit with temperatures at the other end of the scale, was the climate in Death Valley, where the hot-land endurance runs took place. Among other things, the Porsche test team tested the charging of the battery and the reliability of the thermal management system in extreme heat.

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