Polestar Synergy, the fantasy electric supercar showcasing the coming togther of three winning designs from the 2022-23 Polestar Design Contest. Exterior winner: evashish Deshmukh Exterior winner: Swapnil Desai Interior winner: Yingxiang Li

Polestar Design Contest 2022: Winner presented in collaboration with Hot Wheels as a full-size model

Polestar has brought the winning design of the recent Polestar Design Contest to life as a 1:1 scale model and presented it in Munich. At the same time, Polestar is launching a partnership with Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand. Hot Wheels will provide the inspiration for the launch of the next Polestar Design Contest, which will draw on the innovative and unusual designs from the American brand’s 55-year history. Polestar’s production cars will be immortalized as Hot Wheels and Matchbox collectibles in the future.

The “Polestar Synergy” electric fantasy supercar brings together three winning designs that prevailed from more than 600 entries in the recent competition. Participants were tasked with designing a Polestar vehicle that focuses on the experience of performance while providing a technically advanced solution that does so in a sustainable way. After shortlisting ten designs, the jury selected two winners for the exterior and one for the interior – a first in the competition. The resulting Polestar Synergy is the result of over six months of collaboration between the winners and the Polestar design team to transform three distinct dreams into unanimous reality.

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar: “Congratulations to the winners! Their vision and collaboration with our design team resulted in a truly great car. The collaboration with Mattel for next year’s Polestar Design Contest and the planned scale models of our production vehicles will bring the Polestar brand and this groundbreaking contest to an even wider audience. All this proves that electric vehicles – in reality or as toys – can be just as exciting as their internal combustion engine counterparts, if not more so.”

Roberto Stanichi, SVP and Global Head of Vehicles at Mattel, said, “Just as Polestar is redefining the boundaries of electric performance and automotive innovation, Hot Wheels has continued to push the boundaries of imagination and design. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Polestar, which begins with the winner of this year’s design competition. This collaboration celebrates the essence of Hot Wheels: hard-fought determination, courage and passion that push the boundaries of automotive design. We are excited about the conceptual design for next year’s competition.”

The final design of the fantasy supercar is inspired by nature and emotional constancy, and features a floating single-seat interior design that focuses on control. It will be on display at the Polestar Space in Munich until September 10, before being seen at other Polestar locations.

Maximillian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar, adds, “This year is as much about collaboration as it is about performance. I am proud that the team was able to guide and support the winners in making their dream come true as a scale model. It’s not often that still-student designers get as much exposure early in their careers as the Polestar Design Community is already doing so well on Instagram. This year, that will be supported by the 1:1 scale model and the planned tour of Polestar locations around the world.”

The two winning exterior designers, Devashish Deshmukh and Swapnil Desai, live in Paris. Deshmukh’s design focused on hollowed-out volumes inspired by a hammerhead shark, while Desai’s design focused on emotional durability with technical upgradability and materials that age gracefully over time. China-based interior designer Yingxiang Li designed a cabin with a performance-oriented seating position that offers a new experience centered on “floating comfort and control.”

In its entirety, the vehicle reflects Polestar’s core values. With a height of just 1.07 meters and a length of 4.56 meters, the car features proportions and details never before seen in the brand. It thus creates a stunning supercar silhouette that proves that electric supercars can be just as exciting as supercars with internal combustion engines.

Following its debut, the 1:1 scale model will make its way to the U.S. and be featured as a feature model on the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in El Segundo, California, beginning October 7, 2023, before making additional appearances at Polestar locations across the country. In recognition of his exceptional talent, Kamil Kozik of Poland was honored in the competition. His reduced-structure performance go-kart, designed with sustainability in mind, offers the option to become part of a local power grid when not in use.

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