Erste Bilder Kia EV3. Foto: KIA

Save the Date: Kia EV3 world premiere in May

Kia has released the first detailed images of the EV3 compact electric SUV, which is intended to facilitate access to Kia e-mobility for a broad majority of customers. The images show aspects of the EV3’s geometric and robust exterior design and emphasize its dynamic styling. These qualities are particularly evident in the ‘angular’ shapes of the rear fenders and tailgate, as well as the ‘Star Map’ light signature, which is based on the representation of constellations and gives the compact SUV a striking, futuristic look. The design of the EV3 follows the same principles used in the design of Kia’s flagship EV9 SUV. Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy forms the basis for continuity within the brand’s model range, while allowing each vehicle to have a distinctive character.

With the EV3, Kia wants to promote the worldwide spread of electric mobility. The comprehensively equipped and, thanks to innovative technologies, extremely powerful new electric vehicle is intended to expand the brand’s EV range and offer customers in the compact SUV segment the upscale experience of Kia’s flagship models in the future. The world premiere will take place on May 23 at 12 noon and will be streamed live on the Kia Worldwide YouTube channel. The market launch will follow later this year.

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