Infinity Tower Lissabon. Foto: Siemens AG

Siemens: E-Power for Infinity Tower in Lisbon

As part of Portugal’s recovery and resilience plan, economic growth is to be promoted and the country made fit for the future. The plan envisages the installation of 15,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2025. The Infinity Tower is a building with high-quality condominiums owned by Vanguard Properties in Sete Rios, Campolide, Lisbon. With 26 floors above ground, 195 apartments and 352 parking spaces on an area of more than 50,000 square meters, it is one of the largest residential projects in the city. The Infinity Tower focuses on environmental technology and sustainability and is considered the tallest and most striking residential building in Lisbon’s city center.

The integrated charging solution for electric vehicles was customized by Siemens engineering and software teams in Portugal. It enables dynamic and intelligent charging management on site. The dashboards, which are intuitive and easy to use, provide building managers and operators with a comprehensive overview of individual chargers and enable real-time monitoring of energy consumption. Accurate reports on monthly consumption per apartment make it easier to optimize the building’s energy efficiency.

The VersiCharge wall boxes are located in six charging islands on three floors. The energy management system also enables the future integration of photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources, as well as energy storage systems, which will further contribute to the building’s energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The system incorporates the latest cyber security features and supports global efforts to achieve climate targets through the expansion of renewable energy.

Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said: “Controlling the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles through intelligent load management is crucial for sustainable energy systems and grid stability.”

The order includes the delivery of the highly scalable SICAM Dynamic Load Management (DLM), which is based on the SICAM A8000 energy automation platform. SICAM A8000 is a modular device series for telecontrol and grid automation applications in all areas of energy supply. SICAM DLM is a future-proof, extremely robust management system for charging stations. It can receive grid limiting signals from distribution system operators (DSOs) and integrate local decentralized energy resources (DER) and energy storage systems. This makes it an ideal solution for the energy transition.

It facilitates communication with the charging stations from which it retrieves consumption information and provides algorithms for dynamic charging management. It is part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that makes digital transformation easier, faster and scalable for customers, and supports a dynamic load management strategy for building operators.

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