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Siemens and MAHLE sign letter of intent for wireless charging of electric vehicles

Siemens and MAHLE want to cooperate in the field of inductive charging of electric vehicles. Both companies have signed a letter of intent to this end. “Wireless charging of electric vehicles is just developing into an important future market. In addition to making life much easier for drivers, who no longer have to fiddle with cables and plugs, it is a crucial prerequisite for future autonomous mobility. At the same time, the transmission efficiency of wireless, inductive charging is comparable to plug-based systems,” said Stefan Perras, head of advanced development and innovation for charging infrastructure at Siemens AG.

One component of the envisaged cooperation is coordinated standardization efforts in the relevant pre-standardization and standardization bodies. The goal here is to close open gaps and thus ensure full interoperability between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.  Furthermore, a close exchange is planned in the development of an inductive overall charging system for electric vehicles. MAHLE would like to contribute its many years of experience as an automotive supplier and Siemens its expertise in the field of charging infrastructure. “We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Siemens to powerfully advance inductive charging. The combined experience of both companies gives us a clear competitive advantage,” said Harald Straky, vice president for global development in mechatronics and electronics at MAHLE.

Both parties also aim to conduct extensive interoperability and cross-testing between the charging equipment on the vehicle (secondary coil) and the charging infrastructure (primary coil). This is intended to serve the technical improvement and validation of inductive charging systems of electric vehicles and to ensure interoperability. The concrete implementation of the tests is also to take place within the framework of publicly funded projects.

As a full-service provider for eMobility charging infrastructure, Siemens eMobility offers the entire spectrum of state-of-the-art AC and DC charging hardware as well as software and services – from private to commercial to depot applications. “Siemens’ core expertise in smart buildings and smart grids makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ needs with comprehensive solutions to help them design, install and manage sustainable charging solutions for a better future,” Perras said.; www.mahle

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