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Start-up Delivery Green: Emission-free last-mile logistics

After great successes in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna, the sustainable parcel logistics provider Liefergrün brought its novel delivery concept to the next metropolitan region. Since March 2023, online orders from well-known brands such as H&M have been delivered via Liefergrün in Dortmund, Herne, Bochum, Essen, Moers, Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Oberhausen, Bottrop and Duisburg in the Ruhr region from the new terminal in Essen. This milestone is a cause for celebration not only for founder Niklas Tauch, who hails from Neuss in the Rhineland, but for the entire region. The desire for a sustainable and efficient delivery experience has so far remained unfulfilled by the established parcel services. More and more end customers are embracing the concept of Liefergrün and demanding sustainable and fast delivery of their parcels. With its environmentally and customer-friendly service, the logistics tech company now reaches more than five million people in the Ruhr region and aims to attack the status quo of the traditional logistics industry.

Promoting sustainability and quality through state-of-the-art terminal

The newly opened terminal is designed to take the concept of zero-emission last-mile logistics to a new level. The modern location offers the opportunity for delivery greenery to grow constantly in range and capacity. Therefore, the new infrastructure is designed to optimize the shipping process for the entire region. Some features include: Easy access for vehicles to allow faster delivery of packages to the terminal; a modern facility for more efficient package sorting; a new flow-through principle to allow electric delivery vehicles to drive directly through the hall and load them with packages without detours.

Liefergrün, however, is investing even further in infrastructure. By the end of the year, it plans to set up its own charging stations at the new location to charge the all-electric delivery vehicles on site. In addition, Liefergrün is ensuring that not only the vehicles but also the entire terminal is supplied with sustainable electricity. Indeed, the future installation of photovoltaic systems on the roof of the terminal will turn it into an emission-free self-supplier. With the terminal in Essen and its delivery algorithm, Liefergrün is setting new standards for other regions and taking an important step toward a sustainable and emission-free last mile.

Delivery greenery wants to free Germany from emissions
After Hamburg, the eleven new cities were the natural step to further expansion in Germany. That means fewer emissions in Germany’s largest metropolitan area and, finally, a way to manage the rising flood of parcels and make lasting changes to the climate-damaging delivery traffic of the traditional logistics industry in the Ruhr region. According to founder Niklas Tauch, these challenges can only be overcome by combining a sustainable approach with technology-based solutions.

Niklas Tauch, CEO and founder of Liefergrün: “As a team, we strive to provide the best service for our customers* and to be the most sustainable shipping solution for e-commerce. And I strongly believe that Liefergrün is scalable on a large scale through technological support. With the state-of-the-art terminal in Essen, we are creating the infrastructure to realize this goal for our customers in the Ruhr region and soon throughout Germany.”

Background and vision: Liefergrün is a leading provider of sustainable deliveries in Germany and Austria. Founded in 2020, Liefergrün is led by Niklas Tauch and Nils Fischer and makes parcel logistics emission-free and customer-friendly. To do so, the Berlin-based company relies on deliveries made by 100 percent electric vehicles. Liefergrün is already in operation for major brands such as H&M, Dyson and Adidas. The vision is clear: Liefergrün should become the sustainable shipping option in every online store.

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