Customer paying with digital wallet at electric vehicle charging station in UK,London

Support for open payment systems at e-charging stations

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. However, the fragmented charging infrastructure with different payment systems still represents a major obstacle for consumers. The average driver uses up to six different charging apps, five charging cards and other electronic means of payment such as debit or credit cards.

To make electromobility attractive for consumers in Germany, new solutions must be found – without restrictions or supplier loyalty. This is exactly where Mastercard’s Sustainable Mobility Program comes in, which is being presented today at the eMove 360° conference. With the Europe-wide introduction of the program, Mastercard wants to promote sustainable and secure mobility and create consumer-friendly payment systems at e-charging stations. Therefore, Mastercard provides its partners in the field of e-mobility with financial support for the establishment of a uniform and open payment infrastructure at public e-charging stations.

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