Abdeckung aus hochwertigen Glasfaserverbundwerkstoff von KHK

Undisturbed magnetic field: fiber-optic composite coverage favors inductive charging technology

In Cologne, specially equipped electric cabs now charge inductively. At the main train station, for example, there are six charging plates equipped with the corresponding technology in the waiting area of the cabs. It was designed and set up by INTIS, a manufacturer of wireless charging solutions for electromobility. While the driver waits for the next guest, the compatible vehicle is charged very conveniently via a coil in the asphalt instead of by cable. Each of the six charging points installed in Cologne has an area of around 1.2 square meters. Each one houses a primary coil that is operated with alternating current and generates a magnetic field. The secondary coil is located under the vehicle. It receives the magnetic field and converts it into electrical energy. The charging power is up to 22 kW. The vehicles have an electric motor with 110 kW output and a battery with 31 kWh capacity – enough for 130 kilometers of electric range. A range extender extends the car’s operating range when the battery is empty via a serially coupled gasoline engine. It is important that the cover used here does not interfere with the magnetic field. In addition, it must be resilient and at the same time allow maintenance operations to be carried out easily. In this context, FibreIndustrial shaft covers from KHK-Kunststoffhandel Cromm und Seiter GmbH were chosen. They are made of a high-quality glass fiber composite material and meet the complex requirements in the inductive charging application area. www.khk-karlsruhe.de; www.intis.de

23.08.2022   |  

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