Hypercharger in Hilden. Foto: Fastned

Upgrade for charging park in Hilden: With 22 charging points, Fastned’s largest charging station in Europe

Fastned, the European fast charging company, recently added five latest-generation Hyperchargers to its successful charging station at the “Seed & Greet” charging park at the Hilden freeway interchange, North Rhine-Westphalia. These are the first 400 kW chargers Fastned is installing across its fast charging network to prepare the charging station for next-generation electric vehicles. The upgrade means that a total of 22 Fastned charging points are now available at Ladepark Hilden, making it the largest Fastned station in the European network.

“It is particularly important to us to stay ahead of the curve and offer our customers the best possible charging experience. The expansion of one of our flagship charging parks with the latest generation of Hyperchargers marks an important milestone for Fastned in this respect. Our site at the Hilden interchange is visited by hundreds of e-mobilists every day, and demand for the necessary charging infrastructure has grown rapidly in just a few years,” says Linda Boll, Country Manager Fastned Germany. After the company installed the first 400 kW chargers in the Netherlands last year as part of a pilot project, locations in Germany are now to be successively equipped for regular operation.

Efficient charging solution for innovative charging park

“E-mobility is now coming to where pioneers have long seen it. With forward-looking planning at the right location, Fastned continues to set the pace. We are particularly pleased to have ten charging stations at once with the first 400 kW chargers at our Hilden site. Our technology matches this: With currently 435 kWp photovoltaics, 2 MWh battery storage – and if it were up to us, long since with a wind turbine,” says Roland Schüren, operator of the “Seed & Greet” Hilden charging park.

“We are particularly pleased that our new 400 kW Hyperchargers are now being used at this innovative and renowned charging park. They are currently the most efficient HPC charging solution and impress with an efficiency of up to 97.5%. Because saving energy is essential, both while driving and while charging,” says Philipp Senoner, CEO of Alpitronic, the manufacturer of the 400 kW chargers. By retrofitting the fast-charging station in Hilden, Fastned is creating the largest collection of 400-kW chargers at one location in Germany.

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27.09.2023   |  

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