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Away from the pure subscription model: NIO launches with purchase option for all models

A few weeks after the market launch, NIO announces further details on the purchase of all three models NIO ET7, NIO ET5 and NIO EL7 for Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Effective immediately, a purchase option will be offered in these markets – in addition to the NIO subscription models. The purchase price for the NIO ET7 e-sedan is 69,900 euros. The pre-sale prices for the NIO EL7, the mid-sized electric SUV, start at 73,900 euros and for the NIO ET5, the mid-sized electric sedan, at 49,900 euros. The vehicles are already extensively equipped, plus the price for the battery in two options.

NIO customers have the option of renting or buying the battery in the “Battery-as-a-Service” (BaaS) model. The 75-kWh battery will be available for as little as 169 euros per month and offers the user great flexibility and also access to the Power Swap Station (PSS), a technology and energy solution that enables fully automatic battery swapping in around five minutes. The 100 kWh battery will be offered for 289 euros per month.

If customers decide to purchase the battery, the 75-kWh battery will be available for 12,000 euros and the 100-kWh battery for 21,000 euros. In the case of a battery purchase where the battery is fully owned by the customer, the use of the PSS network is not possible. The vehicles are purchased via the NIO homepage or the NIO app, through which users can also access the vehicle data and book service appointments via a “One Click for Service” function. All models can also be financed at a later date.

For the next issue of eMove360° magazine, which will be published on 15 December, we tested the NIO ET7 – including battery replacement at the Power Swap Station in Zusmarshausen. Also: Ralph Kranz, General Manager NIO Germany, in a short interview.

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