XCHARGE erhält Zertifizierung nach strengstem deutschen Eichgesetz für die Elektrofahrzeug-DC-Ladestation C6EU. Foto: XCHARGE

XCHARGE receives certification according to the strictest German calibration law for the electric vehicle DC charging station C6EU

XCHARGE has passed the most stringent conformity tests and inspections to be further certified under the German Measurement and Calibration Law: The C6EU intelligent DC charging station has now received Module D certification, demonstrating the use of a fully functional QA system in manufacturing, guaranteeing the highest product quality. In December 2022, the C6EU already received the Module B type examination certificate from the CSA Group. This means that XCHARGE’s most successful DC charging station complies with one of the most stringent calibration laws internationally – and paves the way for further installations throughout Europe. Thanks to the certifications, users of the C6EU can rest assured that they will benefit from a proven reliable, safe and transparent charging process and worry-free billing. In turn, operators of charging stations for electric vehicles (CPOs, Charge Point Operators) can be sure that when they install the C6EU fast charging station from XCHARGE in public and semi-public spaces, they will meet the legal requirements – and they can benefit from support programs for charging infrastructure.

The C6EU intelligent fast charging station has been proven to meet all requirements of the German calibration law. With the C6EU, kilowatt-hour-accurate billing is possible, as the amount of electricity billed reliably matches the amount dispensed. This further contributes to the positive user experience with XCHARGE’s DC charging station, which provides transparent information about the charging process and keeps the data secure at all times.

For charging station operators, the C6EU is a perfect charging solution in public and semi-public spaces: its intelligent power distribution mechanism delivers a maximum output power of 60 kW to 150 kW for fast charging and guarantees optimized operational efficiency and utilization. With the latest certifications, XCHARGE helps energy companies, fleet managers or parking operators to meet charging infrastructure requirements: Charging stations that comply with calibration laws are eligible for funding under charging infrastructure subsidy programs – ultimately helping charging station operators reduce acquisition and operating costs. www.xcharge.com

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