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Zaptec from Norway: MID-certified charging solution for the German market

Zaptec, the Norwegian market leader in charging solutions for electric vehicles, has been offering an MID-certified charging solution on the German market since June. The new charging system comes with a built-in electricity meter in accordance with the EU’s Measurement Instruments Directive (MID). This makes it easier for consumers to use semi-public charging stations and is crucial for Zaptec’s international expansion into new European markets.

The MID-certified Zaptec Pro has been available since June 13. The European Commission regulates the Measuring Instruments Directive and compliance with it. The new charging system displays accumulated electricity consumption in kWh, allowing users to see how much electricity has passed through the charging station. The charging history is stored in the Zaptec portal, and the meter provides as accurate a measurement as an electricity meter placed in a fuse box. For charging stations without an MID, the measurement accuracy and billing basis vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

“What makes this product special is that we developed the meter ourselves and the charging station has undergone numerous tests to ensure that the product works regardless of weather or temperature. While many other charging solution manufacturers integrate a third-party meter, in our case the charging station itself is the meter, making the entire system MID-certified,” explains Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO of Zaptec.

The certification is an important step for Zaptec to enter new European markets, as several major markets, such as Germany, require MID certification for semi-public charging stations. Zaptec expects this requirement to be extended to the rest of Europe and the Nordic countries in the near future.
“In the German market, the introduction of the integrated MID-compliant meter brings a huge competitive advantage and is a reliable seal of quality for all end users who only want to pay for the energy their vehicle consumes,” says Zaptec Germany Managing Director Daniel Gwercher.

With the certification, tax authorities in the Benelux, France and Germany also accept the tax deductibility of electricity for company cars. Six out of ten cars sold in Europe are company cars, with these vehicles driving twice as much as private vehicles. Therefore, the certification opens up great potential for the Norwegian company in Europe.

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