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ZF relies on green steel

ZF has entered into a long-term supply agreement with the Swedish start-up H2 Green Steel. Between 2025 and 2032, the Scandinavian company ZF will supply 250,000 tons of steel annually from its production facility in northern Sweden. This corresponds to ten percent of ZF’s current steel requirements and saves around 475,000 tons of CO2 per year. The steel is produced in a fully integrated production process using end-to-end digitalization, electricity from renewable energy sources and green hydrogen instead of coal. In traditional steelmaking, iron ore is reduced by heating it along with coal. A chemical reaction takes place that separates the oxygen from the iron, creating and releasing CO2. In turn, in the production process of H2 Green Steel, green hydrogen reacts with iron ore in a similar way to carbon, resulting in the extraction of oxygen. However, instead of CO2, only water is produced as the main by-product.

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18.05.2022   |  

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