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ABB invests in cleantech startup Ndustrial: decarbonization with AI-powered energy management technologies

ABB this week announced a minority stake in US-based cleantech startup Ndustrial, which has developed a pioneering AI-powered energy management platform. The innovative technology enables smarter, production-oriented energy decisions in real time and helps customers reduce their operating costs, optimize energy consumption and accelerate decarbonization. The investment was made through ABB Ventures. Financial details were not disclosed.

The transaction follows ABB’s acquisition of a minority stake in the startup GridBeyond in April 2024. GridBeyond provides energy management solutions based on AI and data science that enable customers to optimize distributed energy resources and industrial loads.

Ndustrial helps companies to measure and reduce their energy intensity – the energy required for a predefined production unit or activity. By integrating multiple, often disparate, data sources such as weather, market prices, equipment performance, industrial process results, companies are able to analyze, optimize and predict their energy consumption and costs per unit of production. This provides actionable insights and enables real-time decisions and automated control tailored to the industry, plant or production line being optimized.

“Our commitment to sustainability and helping customers achieve net zero emissions is at the heart of what we do,” said Stuart Thompson, head of ABB’s Electrification Service division. “Through our consulting services, we are establishing a network of innovative, agile partners to jointly develop advanced digital solutions to complement our portfolio and improve the availability, resilience, security and sustainability of energy for customers.”

“Thanks to the partnership with Ndustrial, we can accelerate decarbonization for our customers. Using AI-powered predictions enables real-time decisions that help customers optimize production, save energy and reduce costs and emissions.”

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