The Rise of the Combined Charge System (CCS): Europe’s First Electric Bus Charged with CCS protocol

As standardization efforts are underway for e-bus charging via IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and UITP (International Association of Public Transport), Heliox Fast Charge Systems has delivered to VDL Bus and Coach their CCS 700V Charger, making the first ever European Electric Bus complying to the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard in to a public transport fleet.

The Swedish leading transport operator of Byberg & Nordin has adopted this first ever European CCS Charged Electric Bus standard in to their fleet. The Dutch OEM VDL Bus & Coach delivered their Citea Electric with Heliox CCS-compliant DC Fast Charger.Bild Durchbruch des CCS-Systems klein

The CCS-standard protocol is by the industry seen as the best fit for e-bus charging. This also includes CCS-plug derivatives, such as conductive opportunity charge systems like pantographs. An electric-bus charging standard will be largely based on the recently adopted global DC fast-charging standards for passenger cars, according to Heliox.

Heliox strongly supports CCS Combined Charging System (IEC 15118 & IEC61851-23/24 / DIN 70121) as well as OCPP protocol standards, as the company is convinced charger and vehicle interoperability is key for further successful adaptation of electric vehicles in public transport.

Designed for commercial & captive fleets, the Heliox Fast DC Charger series can recharge electric vehicles with 43kW – 120kW with CCS connection. Heliox is offering proven technology, built and installed for long-term field deployment and high level of usage, with industry’s highest reliability as standard.

Quick facts:

-Adoptation CCS by bus manufacturers
-First CCS charged bus taken into service in Sweden
-CCS 700V DC Fast Chargers capable of charging with 120kW

About Heliox BV:

Heliox is one of the first suppliers of fully tested and certified charger technology. Specialized in switch mode power technology, with worldwide presence, Heliox is active in design and manufacturing of products and solutions for a broad range of markets, such as Audio, Medical, Industrial and Automotive customers with PSUs, Class D amplifiers, lamp drivers, chargers and AC inverters.

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