Chakratec Technologies is launching at the eMove360° C2 – Chak Charge – EV Charging Network Service

Chakratec’s patented and sustainable kinetic battery technology enables unlimited charge cycles and is environmentally friendly, as opposed to regular chemical batteries.

While the innovative technology has multiple applications such as grid stabilization, peak shaving and other grid services, the company is currently focusing on the enabling fast EV charging anywhere.

“Our technology is boosting deployment of fast EV charging stations anywhere, especially in locations with a weak grid, for example in rural areas” says Nir Zohar, Chakratec’s VP Business development and Operations, “we are literally boosting eMobilty.”.

Chakratec is now launching a full service for engineering, procurement, set up, operation and service management of local, ‘Micro’ EV charging networks for Utilities, Communities, Municipalities, Corporations, Fleet owners, EV entrepreneurs and other location partners.

The Company was recently awarded with the prestigious NREL 2018 outstanding venture award by the Industry growth forum, shortly after grabbing the eMobilty Battery Storage award at the 2017 eMove360.

Operating from Israel, Chakratec will unveil Chak Charge (C2) at the eMove360 in Munich this month and at the EUW 2018 in Vienna in November. In Vienna, visitors will also be able to talk directly to representatives of Wien Energie which is deploying the first kinetic power booster and charging system in the region.


Author: Robert Metzger

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11.10.2018   |  

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