China: One hundred Tesla to Wuhan, the most cattle taxi

Metropolis Daily News to pull the wind and environmentally friendly electric luxury car Tesla, in August will join the taxi ranks in Wuhan, the public can make a phone call about rent, starting at less than 30 yuan.

Yesterday, reporters from the Wuhan public house public resources, public information, see the trading platform, Wuhan new 1100 electric taxi project announced successful results. Among them, 500 Dongfeng pure electric vehicles and 500 BYD electric car as a taxi operator in River City. In addition, approximately 100 rental selection of models for the Tesla, these cars will be the most luxurious River City taxi.Bild China One hundred Tesla to Wuhan, the most klein

According to public information, Wuhan tricyclic Automobile Co., Ltd. will acquire, operate about 100 pure electric car, car for Tesla MODEL S 85. Public information display, the car market price 734,000 yuan, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of just 5.6 seconds, called Wuhan cattle taxi. Tricyclic Motor Company project leader, said, was selected this high-end models, in order to differentiate business and enhance the city’s image.

It is understood that Tesla and domestic pure electric vehicle charging station uses two interfaces. Earlier, the country has carried out many of Tesla’s car rental business, but the lack of charging pile poor practical results. Tricyclic company project leader, Wuhan has been in North Central Cultural District, Peace Avenue Green Center, built with 6 super super station charging pile, charging 40 minutes vehicle can travel 440 kilometers. The city is planning in the public house, the song of the Grand Theatre and Hankou to build three super-charging stations to meet the 100 Tesla’s travel needs.

According to the company plans by the end of August 100 Tesla taxi can be on the road. Pricing starts at or between 16-25 yuan, 3.5 to 4 yuan per kilometer.

Based on the successful results released yesterday, Wuhan Electric Vehicle Demonstration Operations Limited and BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. will each operate 500 taxis, cars were Dongfeng Fengshen A60EV, Kai Chen Dongfeng Morrowind and BYD electric car e6.


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