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Smart networking of electromobility: devolo at eMove360° Europe with innovative powerline solutions

The number of electric vehicles on Europe’s roads is steadily increasing. This means that more and more charging options need to be created, for example in company parking lots, supermarkets or parking garages. The network specialists at devolo have been working intensively on the challenges of the ongoing expansion of the charging infrastructure. At eMove360° – International Trade Fair for Electromobility & Autonomous Driving, devolo will be presenting customized powerline solutions for networking AC charging points from October 17 to 19.

Intelligent AC charging through powerline technology.

Intelligent energy management enables full control over charging processes, billing and data analysis. Powerline technology offers a simple solution for networking AC charging points. Power lines, power rails or ribbon cables serve as data transmission paths with the help of devolo powerline products, both in single-phase and multi-phase installations. For manufacturers of AC wallboxes and charging stations, devolo offers customized GRID powerline solutions. The compact powerline modules can be integrated directly into the wallbox, reducing installation effort and enabling scalability of powerline networking.

Networking for billing and load management of wallboxes.

Installation projects with multiple charging points require intelligent load management. With devolo solutions for the DIN rail, up to 100 charging points can communicate with one head-end station. This ensures smooth networking and control of all wallboxes.

The devolo GRID powerline technology ensures area-wide and stable LAN connections, even under difficult structural conditions. The multiple repeating function makes networks with a range of up to 300 meters possible and automatically adapts the network topology to the conditions. Even re-densifying the charging points is no problem thanks to the scalability of the devolo solution.

Electromobility and energy management in the private home.

Private AC wallboxes with WLAN or LAN connection can be seamlessly integrated into the home network with the devolo Magic product range. This enables optimal energy management at home, including intelligent networking of PV inverters, solar storage units and charging stations for self-consumption optimization.

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