HAJ-Geschäftsführer Prof. Dr. Martin Roll, enercity-CEO Dr. Susanna Zapreva und HAJ-Geschäftsführer Maik Blötz, Geschäftsführer des Flughafens Hannover präsentieren den neuen Ladepark am Airport. Foto:

enercity electrifies Hannover Airport

Most passengers arrive by car and park their vehicles in the parking garages. As the number of e-vehicles continues to grow, the need for charging facilities at suitable locations is also increasing. The energy service provider enercity is building a total of 72 charging points at the airport in the first construction phase. Hannover Airport will then have the highest number of charging points among the airports in northern Germany. Not only air travelers, but also short-term and day passengers will be able to use the service. The charging points are located in parking garages 1 and 3.

A modern fast-charging park with eight charging points is also being built on the airport site. The most modern generation of high-power chargers available on the market is being installed here. The charging power is impressive: The 400 kilowatts (kW) make it possible to fully charge the e-vehicle within 18 minutes. enercity has designed an innovative concept of a charging park for this purpose. The design goes beyond a mere parking lot and is based on the “Kiss and Ride” concept. A planted, green frame encloses the traffic area and frames the site. A special feature will be a “loading lounge” with seating and tables, which will give users of the loading park the opportunity to relax outside their cars during the loading process.

“Here, where people from all corners of Germany come together to explore the world, we are laying an important milestone for zero-emission mobility. We have an ambitious plan – to expand our country’s charging infrastructure so that every journey is worry-free. It’s almost as if we’re offering e-vehicles their own runway – a sustainability runway. We are setting the standard with the concept of a modern charging park. It is the beginning of a journey to make mobility holistically emission-free,” explains enercity CEO Dr. Susanna Zapreva.

Maik Blötz, Managing Director of Hannover Airport, says: “With the comprehensive expansion of charging points at Hannover Airport, our customers will be able to park and travel even more attractively in the future. The topic of e-mobility at the campus is another important milestone in our climate strategy. By 2045, we aim to operate the airport in a climate-neutral manner.”

Longstanding partnership between enercity and the airport

Energy service provider enercity and Hannover Airport are entering into a long-term partnership with the project. As an option, the range of charging points will be successively expanded. enercity will not only operate the charging infrastructure, but also take care of maintenance and billing. Payments can be made conveniently and easily via a terminal, with the enercity charging card or the enercity charging app. Common debit, EC and charging cards as well as app-based payment systems are also accepted.

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