Enhanced measurement system from the IVT series

With its newly developed, shunt-based IVT-S measurement technology, Isabellenhütte is responding to the market, which now favours specified functions in current measurement systems. The main focus is on achieving dielectric strength that is as high as possible in line with the intended application.

High dielectric strength must be guaranteed in battery-powered vehicles, for example.

To this end, Isabellenhütte is now introducing the IVT-S. The measurement system has a maximum dielectric strength of 1,000 volts. Its functional range includes the measurement of current and voltage. Isabellenhütte thus meets today’s market requirements of traction battery systems or stationary, electrical energy storage devices. These lithium-ion batteries generate high energy density at which higher voltages can be applied with smaller currents. This is why the sensor’s dielectric strength also has to be correspondingly high − a key quality feature that distinguishes IVT-S from competing products. For fast-charging battery systems, this performance feature is extremely important.

A variety of components are used in the IVT-S. A 16-bit AD converter guarantees the precise transformation of the voltage drop into digital signals. Data is transmitted through a CAN 2.0 interface. Through this module, the internally developed current counting firmware is provided with information on charge and discharge volumes. In addition Isabellenhütte provides a CAN description file in *dbc format that helps IVT-S users to swiftly integrate the application.


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17.01.2017   |  

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