Passagiere warten an einem Vertiport-Gate auf den Start. Foto: Siemens AG

eVTOLs: Siemens and Skyway cooperate on infrastructure development for vertiports

Siemens and Skyway have agreed to work together to determine the electrical and digital infrastructure required to operate vertiports. Vertiports are take-off and landing sites for vertical take-off and landing aircraft such as air taxis and drones, also known as VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles. As part of their collaboration, Siemens and Skyway are investigating the energy requirements of vertiports and developing sustainable power supply solutions, uniform charging procedures and a higher-level system to support flight operations. Innovations in vertiport infrastructure will be critical to the future scalability of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) operations.

A key objective of the joint effort is the development of vertiports. This includes research, development, planning and participation in construction and operation, with each company contributing its own strengths and experience. Skyway has extensive expertise in airspace mission planning and management as well as air traffic control and unmanned aircraft operations, while Siemens has extensive infrastructure expertise in electrification, electric vehicle charging and facility operations.

Together, the two will collaborate to design and develop an end-to-end eVTOL charging process by assessing charging, power and software requirements to ensure reliable and efficient operations. In addition, Siemens and Skyway intend to work together on innovative ideas to standardise the overall planning and design of vertiports and reduce energy consumption.

Through innovations in flight operations and air traffic control, the aviation industry is constantly evolving. eVTOLs open up a new mobility market that positively impacts communities by relieving traffic congestion and connecting areas that are inadequately served by the current air transport system.;

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26.01.2023   |  

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