High Power Charging: IONITY lowers prices and introduces new tariffs

High Power Charging (HPC) with up to 350 kW is getting cheaper: From May 28, 2024, IONITY is reducing charging prices in 12 countries and offering new tariff models that are tailored to customers’ individual charging needs. IONITY is also introducing two new tariffs with flexible terms, which customers can choose between depending on how much they drive. IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER offer significant discounts compared to ad-hoc charging. Depending on the country and tariff option, a kilowatt hour is available from just €0.26.

The demand-oriented PASSPORT tariffs make fast charging very affordable for long-distance business and vacation trips throughout Europe, as well as for everyday local use. – IONITY PASSPORT MOTION: For anyone who drives around 150 km per month and charges once at IONITY. The basic fee pays for itself from the very first
charging process. – IONITY PASSPORT POWER: Strong price advantages for all those who drive more than 300 km per month and charge about three times at IONITY. Ideal for longer vacation or business
business trips, but also for regular journeys.

Both tariffs have flexible terms and give IONITY customers the option of changing the model as required, for example for longer trips during the vacation season. The tariff can be booked at any time via the IONITY app and can be terminated with just one month’s notice. Those who book now benefit from the discounted monthly fee in the first month. IONITY publishes the country- and tariff-specific charging prices on the IONITY website and in the IONITY app for maximum transparency and predictability.

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