Die diskreten IGBT-EDT2-Bauteile im TO-247PLUS-Gehäuse von Infineon ermöglichen Leistungssteigerungen und Systemkosteneinsparungen in Hauptwechselrichteranwendungen und DC-Link-Entladeschaltern von Elektrofahrzeugen. Foto: ENPOWER/INFINEON

Infineon: Enpower uses EDT2 components for automotive applications

Zhuhai ENPOWER Electric Co.,Ltd. (ENPOWER), a leading Chinese supplier of inverters for the automotive industry, is the first company to use the latest 750 V IGBTs for automotive applications (AIKQ120N75CP2 and AIKQ200N75CP2) from Infineon Technologies AG. Discrete IGBT EDT2 devices in TO-247PLUS package enable performance gains and system cost savings in EV main inverter applications and DC-Link discharge switches. In addition, they offer great design freedom to more easily achieve system integration goals.

The EDT2 benchmark technology has already been introduced to the market with great success. It is available in a TO247 package optimized for discrete automotive traction inverters. The new product variants with 120 A and 200 A (at 100°C) expand Infineon’s portfolio of discrete high-voltage components for automotive applications. Inverters on a discrete basis offer advantages, particularly with regard to scalability, flexibility and system costs.

In addition, 750V EDT2 technology enables powerful system designs. With a current rating of 200A, the AIQS200N75CP2 is the best-in-class discrete IGBT in a TO247Plus package. In this way, fewer components have to be connected in parallel for a specified target power class. At the same time, the power density is increased and the system costs reduced. Due to their high quality, Infineon’s IGBTs are important building blocks for reliable inverter systems.

More information on Infineon’s contribution to energy efficiency: www.infineon.com/green-energy

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