Adam White, Division President Power and Sensor Systems, Infineon Technologies AG. Foto: Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon: Innovative solution for second life of e-car batteries

With MOSFETs from Infineon Technologies AG, STABL Energy GmbH enables stationary energy storage systems from retired e-car batteries. The first pilot systems have already been put into operation in Germany and Switzerland. The special advantage of the STABL solution: it can connect discarded batteries with different residual capacities to the public power grid, even in larger quantities, without a central inverter.

“With its innovative energy storage solution, STABL Energy impressively demonstrates how microelectronics is contributing to the energy transition and climate protection, and how we are making the fast-growing topic of electromobility even more sustainable in the long term,” said Adam White, President of Infineon’s Power & Sensor Systems (PSS) Division. “Miniaturization enables smarter, smarter systems for greater energy efficiency. Increasing it further is a necessary prerequisite if we are to advance decarbonization and quality of life.”

“With MOSFETs from Infineon, we can integrate power electronics and battery into each other. In this way, we are developing more flexible and safer solutions for connecting energy storage systems to the public power grid. We are creating a technological innovation leap for the second-life use of e-car batteries,” says Arthur Singer, founder and co-CEO of STABL Energy. “Compared to conventional systems, this reduces losses by up to 70 percent and cuts both operating costs and CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent per year.”

Now that STABL’s first storage tanks have passed CE and grid connection standards for Germany and have been connected to the grid in Germany, a first one in Switzerland has also been connected. Here, 27 discarded KIA batteries with a nominal capacity of 98 kWh serve a residential neighborhood as temporary storage for solar energy.

Basic electronic components are 100V OptiMOS™ 5 MOSFETs from Infineon. Due to the low on-resistance, thermal performance and high product reliability, STABL Energy chose Infineon. The young company is thus giving car batteries a second life after their capacity has declined in their first life when used for electromobility and are no longer used there. Used batteries can thus continue to be used in the longer term and form an important building block for a green power supply as intermediate storage.

Background: STABL Energy GmbH develops energy storage systems from discarded vehicle batteries. The aim is to increase the use of renewable energies with the help of energy storage systems and at the same time to extend the life cycle of car batteries. This will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and enable batteries to be used for longer, contributing to the success of the energy transition. To do this, the company is setting a new standard in battery storage design, safety, reliability, cost efficiency and handling with its innovative, integrable technology. The university start-up was founded in Munich in 2019 and today employs nearly 30 people. STABL Energy is part of the Infineon Partner Program. Infineon’s Partner Ecosystem is a network of specialized companies with proven expertise in areas such as hardware, software, tools, services and end applications.;

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