Enhanced Safety Certified Mount MLCC Products. Foto: Knowles

Knowles Precision Devices: MLCCs for Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

Modern EV’s, HEV’s and PHEV’s are sparking a revolution in the capacitor technology used in the control electronics. Higher temperatures inside the control circuits mean that conventional plastic film capacitors are no longer suitablefor all applications and ceramic MLCC’s are now being increasingly used, with the added benefits that MLCC’s are generally surface mount direct to boards, yielding greater efficiency of assembly and allowing shorter circuit tracks with lower inductance. In many cases this last point allows lower capacitance values to be used, meaning that smaller components or less components can be used. With the broadest range of AEC-Q200 approved MLC Capacitors, Tandem and Open Mode MLC capacitors, X8R High temperature MLC capacitors and EMI filters up to a voltage rating of 1kV at Knowles Precision Devices we provide for the requirements of EV and HEV systems. You can learn more about Knowles Precision Devices High Reliability and High Voltage Capacitors for Electric Vehicle applications at Booth 107 at international trade fair eMove360° 17th to 19th October, Messe München. We look forward to seeing you!

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