Mahle and Volytica: charging and battery diagnostics in a single operation

Volytica presents its continuous battery monitoring and the new E-HEALTH Charge solution, which was developed in cooperation with MAHLE Aftermarket. The battery diagnostics solution provides valuable information about the “state of health” and performance of the high-voltage battery – during the charging process. This not only enables transparent battery analysis, but also strengthens the confidence of all those involved in electromobility.

MAHLE Aftermarket has successfully introduced the E-HEALTH Charge battery diagnostics solution in Europe. With a maximum measurement time of 15 minutes, it is currently the fastest static battery diagnosis on the market. In particular, the solution also fulfills the independent recommendation of the TÜV association for determining residual capacity (MB FZMO 767). The diagnostic system consists of the E-CHARGE 20 battery charger and the E-HEALTH app and combines charging and battery diagnostics in a single operation. The application is vehicle and manufacturer-independent. E-HEALTH Charge can also be used purely as a DC charger.

The cooperation with Volytica is particularly important for evaluating the data collected by the charger and the OBD interface. The data is collected in a secure cloud, categorized in relation to previously recorded batteries of the same type and compared with the original capacity of the vehicle model. The final report is available by email after a short time.

“The partnership with MAHLE marks a decisive step towards greater transparency in the field of electromobility. With our innovative battery diagnostics solution, we are not only helping to provide lease returns with a fair assessment, but also to make the used car market for electric vehicles more transparent. Our motto ‘Acceptance through Transparency’ is at the heart of this initiative, which not only benefits buyers and sellers, but also promotes the acceptance and spread of electric mobility. In addition, we are making a significant contribution to environmental protection by saving up to two million tons of batteries from premature retirement every year and extending their service life by an average of five years through second-life applications,” says Claudius Jehle, CEO of volytica diagnostics.

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15.05.2024   |  

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