Minimizing grid extension with advanced EV smart charging

Part of the INVADE project, GreenFlux executed a unique, large-scale project that demonstrated how multiple aspects of the energy system could be managed simultaneously with a single EV smart charging solution – e.g. grid constraints, intermittent local energy production, and dynamic energy pricing. Further, the smart charging solution was applied from a cloud system and controlled remotely without hardware installation or modification. The final results of the INVADE project have not yet been published.

Uncertainty and variability will be consistent themes in the energy system as the world transitions toward a zero-carbon future. Local wind and solar generation assets produce intermittent power, and these resources are increasing the demand for grid flexibility. Traditional grid investment is very costly. Developing dynamic energy markets are providing an opportunity to capitalize on price fluctuations. EV penetration is expected to continue its rapid rise.

This presentation will show how EV smart charging can be applied to address the dynamic factors at play in the electricity markets, distribution grid, and around EV adoption. This presentation will provide details of the project’s objectives, the conditions, the solution applied, the learnings, and implications for EV industry stakeholders.

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25.09.2020   |  

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