Polestar Charge. Foto: Polestar

Polestar Charge: 650,000 charging points across Europe

Polestar and Plugsurfing launch a new public charging service in Europe. With over 650,000 compatible charging points for electric cars, Polestar Charge offers Polestar drivers access to the largest charging networks in Europe. This includes the Tesla Supercharger network, IONITY, Recharge, Total, Fastned and Allego in just one solution. An optional monthly subscription fee also enables a 30 percent discount on more than 28,000 charging points.

Polestar is the first electric car manufacturer in Europe to integrate the Tesla Supercharger network into its own charging app and offer its customers access to Tesla’s charging network. Polestar had already announced in 2023 that it would adopt Tesla’s NACS charging standard for Polestar drivers in North America. In addition, customers in China can now access the Tesla Supercharger network in over 200 cities, giving them even better access to charging stations. Since 2020, Polestar 2 drivers in Europe have access to public charging stations within the Plugsurfing network and receive special discounts. The launch of the new Polestar Charge service comes shortly before the first deliveries of the two new electric luxury performance SUVs, Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 in Europe.

With Polestar Charge, Polestar drivers get a more convenient solution to find, access and pay for public charging stations – without additional subscriptions, apps or authentication methods for charging. This is combined with the optimization of Google Maps for electric cars, which helps to optimally plan charging stops along a route and precondition the battery to achieve the fastest possible charging speeds.

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28.03.2024   |  

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