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Numbat: Go-ahead for nationwide ultra-fast charging

The Kemptner Cleantech company Numbat GmbH is putting the first Numbats into operation in the parking areas of the food retailer Feneberg. Since the end of January, 23 branches of the family-run supermarket chain have been equipped with the fast-charging infrastructure. By the end of June, Numbats will be installed at up to 50 locations, contributing to a progressive and climate-conscious Allgäu. For Numbat GmbH, it will then be a matter of implementing 1,000 charging points with the grocery chain tegut and other customers such as petrol stations and car dealerships in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

The Numbat, a combination of ultra-fast charging point and battery storage, provides the first nationwide fast charging network in a rural region in Germany with a charging capacity of 300 kW in the car parks of the shops. The fast charging station is equipped with two charging points; when used simultaneously, up to 150 kW each can be accessed. The publicly accessible Numbats offer customers in food retail car parks real added value: in addition to shopping, the e-car can be charged and fast charging is easily integrated into everyday life. The company, in this case Feneberg, also benefits from the advantages that the battery storage brings with it: it takes over various energy management issues and thus optimises self-consumption. Charging is done with 100 % green electricity from AllgäuStrom or with solar energy generated by the shops themselves via PV systems.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the energy transition as a sustainable supermarket chain. With the managing directors of Numbat, we have found two real doers who have turned their idea into reality in less than two years – such a fast realisation would not have been possible with any other charging station provider. We at Feneberg benefit from a nationwide fast-charging network, as do our partners and, above all, the Allgäu region,” says Nico Fischer, Head of Construction, Building and Energy Management at grocer Feneberg.

Martin Schall, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Numbat GmbH adds: “Feneberg, AÜW and Allgäuer Zeitung are practically cooperation partners from the very beginning. We are grateful to actually be able to put the first Numbats into operation together with them today in Feneberg’s car parks. We were able to prove ourselves in the region, and now we are tackling our next goal and will provide nationwide fast charging throughout Germany.”

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