Gewinner der Kategorie Charging & Energy: Speed-E von REN. Foto: Andreas Schwarz

Year in review: These were the winners of the eMove360° Award 2022

During the eMove360° Europe 2022, 6th International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 electric-connected-autonomous (05 to 07 October), the finalists of one of the world’s most important awards for New Mobility were announced on the evening of 05 October. The expert jury of the eMove360° Award for Electric Mobility & Autonomous Driving had nominated the most innovative and promising submissions for mobility. In the categories Charging & Energy, Battery & Powertrain, Electronics, Mobility Concepts & Services and Autonomous Vehicle, the judges selected a total of nine companies as finalists. The category winners were formally honoured in Conference Room 1 of Hall Hub 27 at Messe Berlin and duly celebrated at the subsequent get-together with cool beer and snacks.

Shaping sustainable mobility: Strong competition entries

“With our trade fair concept of eMove360° – International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 – electric, connected, autonomous, we are bringing together the major future topics of the automotive industry. With the most important prize for the topic, the eMove360° Award for Electric Mobility and Autonomous Driving, we present the complete range of new mobility,” Robert Metzger, CEO & Publisher MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH, welcomes the award winners and guests.

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the entrants and jurors who are driving New Mobility forward with innovative products,” continues Robert Metzger, who has been one of the pioneers of New Mobility in Germany for more than ten years. “The range of submissions for the sixth edition of the eMove360° Award remains pleasingly broad for a B2B technology award: from start-ups that are breaking completely new technical ground or developing intelligent concepts for the mobility of tomorrow, to established companies in the automotive industry that are providing practical answers to pressing questions posed by the shift from fossil fuels to sustainable mobility.”

“Electromobility, connected and autonomous driving are not an end in themselves, but a social challenge that will enable us to finally make mobility sustainable. Our common goal is the complete decarbonisation of all human mobility. I am pleased that we received very strong competition entries in all areas and wish all finalists and winners every success in the further development and marketing of your products and services.”

Here is an overview of the finalists of the eMove360° Award 2022

Finalist of the category Charging & Energy

Maxicharger AC WALLBOX by AUTEL

Autel MaxiCharger AC WALLBOX is a charger for charging e-vehicles. The MaxiCharger is suitable for both home and commercial use. Customers can choose different power levels: 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. The Autel MaxiCharger AC WALLBOX is a complete solution that includes remote support , management software for charge point operators and the Autel Charge App for EV owners as well as installers. The MaxiCharger covers all charging needs for public charging stations, EV owners, fleets and workplaces.

Finalist in the Charging & Energy category

Dover Fueling Solutions: Power UX™ 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System.

The Power UX 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System is a powerful 180 kW DC fast charging system designed specifically for electric vehicles. This EV charger is perfect for use at service stations, commercial and retail car parks, and in work environments. It is a charging system that can help retailers expand their offering so their customers can charge in the same locations they visited to refuel their fossil fuel vehicle, while giving site owners the opportunity to attract new customers. The Power UX 180 EV charging system is expertly engineered to deliver consistent performance.

Finalist in the Charging & Energy category

Technagon Charging Module

The Technagon Charging Module was developed for the new generation of charging and is universally applicable for Technagon wallboxes, charging columns and BigScreens. From now on, Technagon customers can easily remove and replace the charging module in case of service. When the module is reinstalled, the certification means that it no longer needs to be brought back into circulation in accordance with calibration regulations! In addition, attention was also paid to ease of operation: a 4.3 inch colour display guides the user intuitively, symbolically and language-independently through the charging process. The integrated charging controller, developed in-house, enables flexible adaptation to customer needs.

Winner of the category Charging & Energy

Speed-E by REN Pro, S.A.

Speed-E is an innovative solution developed by REN that allows electric vehicles to be charged directly from the high-voltage transmission grid. It differs from conventional solutions that are typically connected to the low-voltage or medium-voltage distribution grids. By providing direct access to the high-voltage grid, this solution contributes to mass adoption of electric vehicles, enables high power output, bypasses distribution grid constraints and can enable grid connection in remote areas where the distribution grid may not be available. SPEED-E provides a scalable and modular solution that enables virtually unlimited power with superior quality of service.

Winner of the Battery & Powertrain category

Miba AG: VOLTstation®

Miba Battery Systems, a Miba Group company, develops and produces battery systems for mobile applications. The VOLTstation® mobile energy storage system is the perfect solution for a quiet and emission-free energy supply. Compact and reliable. This means that CO2 and noise emissions familiar from diesel generators are no longer a burden on the environment. Reliable, maintenance-free operation is ensured not least by a VOLTalytics telematics module, one of the many options offered in addition. USPs: Clean emission-free operation as 100 % electric, fast charging, maintenance-free, modular, quiet, island or parallel operation, SOC display, robust, compact, stackable, low dead weight.

Winner of the category Electronics

TE Connectivity Germany GmbH: TENDUR Surface Plating Technology for High-Performance EV Charging

The advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable means of transport are well known. However, several hurdles remain, including consumer concerns about long charging times and maintaining reliable performance over the life of the vehicle. To address this, TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the all-new TENDUR charging inlet coating technology, designed to ensure high-performance charging throughout the life of the vehicle. A goal of the automotive industry is to provide safe and reliable charging with a range of 300 kilometres in 10 minutes. This requires powerful charging stations that can transmit direct current at up to 500 amps.

Finalist in the Mobility Concepts & Services category

Fronius Germany GmbH: Fronius EMIL

Everything at once! With Fronius EMIL, all company e-cars can be charged and managed with just one charging solution – uncomplicated, efficient and without additional hardware components. The innovative e-mobility software ensures that the entire company fleet is supplied with power fully automatically: intelligently, user-based and individually matched to the overall company power consumption. Fronius EMIL.

Winner of the Mobility Concepts & Services category

Stadtwerke München GmbH: M charging solution from Stadtwerke München

The M charging solution is the future-proof solution for charging e-vehicles. It is specially tailored to the needs of the customers and the local conditions. From advice and individual planning to the complete charging infrastructure and services: SWM takes care of everything. With the specially developed manufacturer-independent load management, even the limited capacity of the house connection is no longer an obstacle. SWM bears the investment for the charging infrastructure in the entire building, so that all customers pay the same price per charging point.

Winner of the Autonomous Vehicle category

Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Tic. A.Ş: Autonomous E-ATAK

Level-4 Autonomous technology, which uses high-tech sensors and cameras to move autonomously along a planned route, can perform autonomous driving at a speed of 50 km/h, day or night, in all weather conditions. Autonomous e-ATAK performing driverless operations such as approaching stops, managing boarding and alighting, management and administration at intersections and traffic lights. Thanks to the BMW batteries of Autonomous e-ATAK, up to 300 km of range can be provided.

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