V500e-Numberplate. Foto: SEVIC

Sevic V500e: New electric compact transporter made in Europe

European compact electric van manufacturer Sevic launched sales of the V500e in Germany. The V500e is an L7e-CU class compact electric van, ideal for use in urban areas. The vehicle is built in Europe and consists mostly of parts of European origin. Sevic’s corporate headquarters are located in Bochum, Germany. Thanks to near- and reshoring, Sevic has access to a stable supply chain and an excellent spare parts supply.

During the development of the V500e, great importance was attached to a wide range of applications and scalability. A patented Cargo Swap System, for example, ensures that transport superstructures can be exchanged quickly. Within a few minutes, users can switch from a closed transport box to a flatbed, for example. With the V500e, several vehicles can be combined into one. This makes the V500e particularly attractive in areas where high efficiency and operational reliability are required while budgets are clearly calculated. This concept is particularly popular in the municipal sector.

The V500e is available with two battery sizes. The smaller battery size with 16.5 kWh and a range of up to 150 kilometers costs 24,900 euros net (plus bodywork and transfer), while the long-range model with a 33 kWh battery and a range of up to 300km is available for 29,500 euros net plus bodywork and transfer. You can read more details and information on the workshop cooperation in the current issue of the eMove360° magazine in german language.

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11.07.2022   |  

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