South Korea: Jeju to Swarm with 50,000 Electric Vehicles by 2017

On Feb. 6, Chairman Kim Dae-hwan of the International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) 2015 Organizing Committee said, “Jeju Island has the best platform as a testbed for electric vehicles. We are planning to construct the whole infrastructure by 2017, investing 300 billion won [US$274.73 million] in Jeju Island.”

Bild South Korea Jeju to Swarm klein

Until last year, there were only about 850 electric vehicles on Jeju Island. This year, the island boasts 1,500 vehicles, though still only half of what the government is willing to support via subsidies.

Kim said, “Next year, we are planning to increase the number of electric vehicles in Jeju Province to 5,000 units, and also increase its number to 50,000 units by 2017, surpassing the original plan of 29,000. Considering the current target of Seoul to increase the number of electric vehicles in the city to 50,000 by 2017, together we will usher in the era of 100,000 domestic electric vehicles in the future.”

Meanwhile, nearly 40 automakers, including 4 complete automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai Motor & Kia Motors, GM Korea, and Renault Samsung Motors, and foreign automakers such as BMW, Nissan, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and Detroit Electric (DE) will participate in the 2nd IEVE, which will be held from March 6 to 15 in Jeju Province.

Lim Nam-ku, secretary general of the IEVE Organizing Committee, said, “The scale of the event will be doubled compared to last year.”



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