Subaru and Dell Technologies: Joint development of AI for driver assistance systems

Subaru and Dell Technologies have joined forces to improve road safety through a powerful combination of AI and high-performance storage. The collaboration between the two companies demonstrates the impact AI is already having on one of the most widely used modes of transportation and how the technology is improving the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Subaru relies on the PowerScale family of NAS systems from Dell Technologies. This will enable the company to store, manage and deliver the large amounts of data needed to develop the next generation of EyeSight driver assistance technology. EyeSight, which is used in more than 5.5 million vehicles, monitors traffic, optimizes the work of cruise control and warns drivers when they leave their lane.

PowerScale meets the demanding IT requirements associated with AI modeling and validation and helps companies easily scale capacity and performance, regardless of where the data resides. With the PowerScale systems, Subaru Lab, Subaru’s AI development center opened in 2020, can store approximately one thousand times as many files as before and easily access all files stored on the PowerScale systems distributed across Subaru Lab’s data centers and Tokyo offices. This was not possible before and helps the company to improve AI image analysis. PowerScale’s ability to scale flexibly and make data available for multiple uses across locations opens up new business opportunities for Subaru.

EyeSight is the world’s first system to exclusively use stereo cameras to implement driver assistance functions such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking with collision warning. The emergency braking system not only detects cars, but also motorcycles and pedestrians in the lane. Using stereo camera technology, EyeSight has superior detection capabilities and has contributed significantly to improving the preventive safety of Subaru vehicles over the years. EyeSight consistently receives top marks from independent testers.

PowerScale, the world’s most flexible2, secure3 and efficient4 scale-out file storage system, helps organizations run modern workloads such as analytics and AI. The flexible storage tiering allows Subaru to move data to cost-effective storage in public, private and hybrid clouds. Subaru Lab can also use data visualization capabilities to quickly search and retrieve data across all locations to improve AI image analysis.

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