Technotrans SE: World’s first 850 volt DC battery cooling system

By increasing the permissible operating voltage of the zeta.road mobile battery cooling systems to 850 volts DC, technotrans SE is making a pioneering contribution to improving electromobility. The Technotrans solution can be connected directly to the battery voltage, so that an additional voltage converter is not required. This saves costs, installation space, weight and the risk of failure of another component. With the extension of the voltage range, technotrans enables compatibility with even more powerful batteries.

The zeta.road battery cooling system from technotrans is specially tailored to the requirements of electrified road vehicles: e-buses, self-driving special vehicles at airports, at shipping ports or in mining – technotrans develops the individual cooling solution. You regulate the cooling capacity independently using specially developed software with a focus on energy efficiency. This forms the heart of the technotrans cooling unit technology.

In addition, technotrans not only offers its customers pure battery cooling, but complete thermal management. If desired, the systems of the technology group can also cool other components, such as the traction system and the power electronics, in addition to the battery. In addition, the battery cooling systems can also be supplemented with an additional heating function. Further information:

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