Kompakt und komfortabel: Mit dem VH5110A „CCS Listener“ vereinfacht Vector die Analyse der CCS-Ladekommunikation für Ladesäulenhersteller und -betreiber sowie für Automobilhersteller. Foto: Vector Informatik GmbH

Vector simplifies the analysis of charging communication with the CCS Listener

With the “CCS Listener” VH5110A, Vector simplifies the analysis of CCS (Combined Charging System) charging communication for charging pole manufacturers and operators as well as car manufacturers. Connected to an inductive coupler that is simply placed around the charging cable, the analysis hardware is ready for rapid deployment in the field. But the CCS Listener can also be used for continuous recording of the charging communication in the vehicle with a data logger.

The handy CCS Listener has already proven itself on the market for two years and offers passive, interference-free “listening” to the CCS charging communication between electric vehicle and charging pole (DIN 70121, ISO 15118, IEC 61851). The special feature of the hardware: The analysis of the data communication takes place without man-in-the-middle intervention. The communication is not influenced during the analysis, because the PLC signal can even be tapped indirectly via an inductive coupler without a connection to the signal-carrying Control Pilot in the charging cable. In this way, users also avoid complex isolation from the high voltage. The communication is displayed in the CANoe analysis software. Currently, the hardware has been revised and is available as version VH5110A. The new features make the device even more robust and the application even more user-friendly: thanks to the extended input voltage range of nine to 36 volts, the CCS Listener can be connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical system regardless of the voltage – an advantage especially for the analysis of charging communication in commercial vehicles. Another new feature is the CCS Listener, which allows users to see whether the device is in operation and to obtain information about the status of the communication. www.vector.de/vh5110a

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