Vision Urban Air Mobility – eMove360 Digital Hub Presentation of Atlas Aero GmbH

We at the Atlas Aero GmbH are certain that personal transport will undergo substantial transformation within the next decade. Therefore, we have developed and conceptually optimized Origin – an airplane which combines the advantages of classical airplanes with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Its efficiency in forward flight is unrivalled by any of the existing concepts. Roads get more congested day-by-day, increasing people’s frustration and incurring economic damage through lost time. Due to unsustainable urbanization and general population growth, this problem is set to get worse in the future. Together with the expansion of public transport networks, one should consider extending individual transport to the third dimension, using either the aerospace or tunnel networks for the realization. Avoid congestion, travel at 300kph while using just as much fuel as a smart car (<5l/100km), up to 1500km. Use established infrastructure like streets and garages – all due to Origin’s foldable wings which allow for on-ground driveability at 30kph and space-efficient parking. Due to the use of a serial hybrid drive, we may easily switch to fuel cells powered by hydrogen or synthetic fuels as soon as they become feasible. Purely electric versions of our aircraft for shorter distances are also viable. Our first airplane generation is targeting pilots and VIP transports as a competition to small helicopters – being faster, greener, higher in range and easier-to-fly. These advantages also make it a great choice for first responders. Due to the outstanding aerodynamic efficiency, Origin’s concept can easily obtain travel speeds of >400kph if optimized fortop speed. Its market introduction is set between 2025-2026. The second generation will fly autonomously and may therefore reach a mainstream market – competing with autonomous cars and enabling ride-sharing models – ideal for the infrastructure of the future. Why drive when you can fly?

A small teaser of the speech:


Tobias Salbaum
Founder & CEO
Atlas Aero GmbH


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