XCharge C7 Ultra-Fast Charger. Foto: XCharge Europe GmbH

XCharge: Ultra-fast charging solution receives Eichrecht certification

XCharge Europe GmbH (XCharge) has received calibration law certification for its C7 Ultra-Fast Charger. In Germany, measurement and calibration law is required by law for public and semi-public charging stations. The C7, with a charging capacity of up to 400 kW, meets one of the most demanding standards in the industry through certification. The DC ultra-fast charging station stands for precise measurements, transparent prices and the security of data in the backends.

With the certification, the C7 is officially recognized as a safe, reliable and responsive charging solution for charge point operators (CPO) and end users. At the same time, the ultra-fast charger offers special advantages for energy companies as well as fleet and parking lot operators. Since the device demonstrably meets the legal requirements, they are entitled to take advantage of funding programs for charging infrastructure. This allows you to reduce both your acquisition and operating costs. The C7 is therefore an extremely advantageous and safe investment choice for operators.

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24.01.2024   |  

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