Zur Unterstützung der fortschrittlichen Nutzfahrzeugerprobung autonomer Fahrtechnologien hat ZF auf seiner Teststrecke in Jeversen (Niedersachsen) sein neues 5G-Campusnetz vorgestellt. // Supporting the advanced commercial vehicle testing of autonomous driving technologies, ZF has unveiled its new 5G campus network at its test track in Jeversen, Germany.

ZF: 5G network on the commercial vehicle test track in Niedersachsen

The ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division is underlining its commitment to the further development of “Next Generation Mobility” with investments in state-of-the-art digital 5G connectivity. Equipping the commercial vehicle test track in Jeversen (Lower Saxony) with its own high-performance 5G campus network ensures improved testing of “Big Data”-based solutions that increasingly enable the next levels of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Transportation (TaaS) as a Service. This includes the development of Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving functions, which require seamless connectivity as well as enormous data management capabilities.

Digital connectivity for “next-generation mobility”

In order to reproduce as many real driving situations as possible, ZF’s Jeversen test track consists of curves, straights and slow sections, some with different road surfaces. The installation of the 5G network, which has now taken place, enables ZF to map various use cases of autonomous driving: From low-speed automated operations to high-speed driving. It also enables connectivity with roadside infrastructure such as signalling and gates. Thanks to its independence from mobile network providers, ZF can quickly and flexibly adapt the campus network to changing technology requirements and expand it for future innovations.

The ZF network further enhances the overall cyber security, flexibility and reliability of the test facility and supports seamless remote access and data transfer from test vehicles to cloud-based storage and fast downloads. Manufacturers, suppliers, industry partners and other ZF guests at the Jeversen site also benefit from the new network, including high-quality audio and video streams from demonstration vehicles and trackside cameras whose information can be seamlessly transmitted to the visitor centre. www.zf.com

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