Croatia to co-finance up to 40% of price of EV purchases by individuals

Croatia will co-finance the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs) by individuals with grants equal to up to 40% of the purchase price and has allocated 12 million kuna ($2 million/1.6 million euro) for the purpose, the ministry of environmental protection and energy said.

“By co-financing the purchase of electric vehicles we want to encourage buyers to seriously consider purchasing cars that pollute the environment less,” Tomislav Coric, minister of environmental protection and energy, said in a statement on Monday.

The purchase of electric scooters, motorcycles and quadricycles will be co-financed with grants of up to 20,000 kuna, while incentives of up to 5,000 kuna will be offered for the purchase of electric bikes. For the purchase of new electric cars the government will grant up to 80,000 kuna, while up to 40,000 kuna will be granted for plug-in hybrid cars, provided that their CO2 emissions are less than 50 g/km. Coric also said that soon the government will make available 13 million kuna for similar grants to companies. Applications for grants will be accepted from April 25.


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26.04.2018   |  

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