Die stolzen Gewinner des eMove360° Award 2023 und Materialica Design + Technology Award 2023. Foto: Victoris Broome

eMove360° Award 2023: NIO ET5 Touring and Volvo FH Electric win in the Electric Car and Electric Truck categories

During the eMove360° EUROPE 2023 International Trade Fair for Electromobility & Autonomous Driving (October 17-19), the finalists of the world’s most important award for New Mobility were announced yesterday evening. The expert jury of the eMove360° Award for Electromobility & Autonomous Driving had nominated the most innovative and promising submissions for mobility from more than 30 entries. In the categories Charging & Energy, Battery & Powertrain, Automated Driving & Electronics as well as Electric Car and Electric Truck, the jurors selected a total of 14 companies as finalists. The award for the most innovative student submission is also a tradition. The category winners were honored in the FORUM of Hall A6 at the Munich exhibition center on October 17 and duly celebrated at the subsequent get-together.

“The range of submissions for the seventh edition of the eMove360° Award remains pleasingly broad for a B2B technology award: from start-ups that break completely new technical ground or develop intelligent concepts for the mobility of tomorrow, to established companies in the automotive industry that provide practical answers to pressing questions posed by the shift from fossil-based to sustainable mobility. We are particularly pleased with the high level of participation in the Electric Car and Electric Truck category,” summarizes Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo GmbH and organizer of the award.

The finalists of the eMove360° Award 2023 at a glance

Electric Truck Category

Winner: Volvo FH Electric from Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe

The Volvo FH Electric is the perfect solution for clean delivery of heavy goods in regional urban and rural areas. Two or three electric motors, combined with an I-Shift transmission adapted to the needs of electric mobility, ensure powerful driving performance. The enormous power of up to 490 kW or 666 hp is brought to the road by a unique traction control system that is also suitable for slippery surfaces. Various driving modes are available for performance, comfort and energy consumption as desired. The six battery packs deliver up to 540 kWh, ensuring sufficient range for a variety of regional transportation tasks. To simplify the transition to electric transportation, the vehicle is offered along with service and support packages for charging, route and range planning, battery monitoring and more. For more information, visit www.volvotrucks.de

Finalist: Qantron QHM BEV

Electric Truck Category

The QUANTRON QHM BEV paves the way for a greener commercial vehicle industry. The battery-electric truck is emission-free and quiet on the road and offers a range of up to 350 km. Its flexibility in body variants means it can be used in a variety of industries, such as logistics or waste disposal companies. Its environmentally friendly technology, versatility and impressive performance features make it an outstanding choice for companies looking for sustainable and efficient solutions. For more information, visit www.quantron.net

Electric Car Category

Winner: NIO ET5 Touring

With the NIO ET5 Touring, NIO launches its first smart electric tourer. Designed specifically for families, it complements the sporty character of its sedan variant with versatility, space and functionality. It is a pioneer among smart premium electric tourers and offers a dynamic electric car alternative for an active lifestyle. The design language is in line with the second generation of NIO and shows the perfect proportions of a tourer. The hatchback design highlights its sensual and sleek profile and emphasizes the dynamic and elegant body contour. For more information www.nio.io

Finalist: Aiways U6 SUV Coupé

The new Aiways U6 SUV Coupe is the electric lifestyle alternative in the compact SUV segment. Its confident and dynamic design impresses with its aerodynamic function and, together with Aiways’ proprietary AI-PT powertrain, ensures maximum efficiency. With 160 kW of peak power, it also provides outstanding driving dynamics, which also applies to the connectivity and standard equipment features. Further information: www.ai-ways.eu

Finalist: BYD Dolphin

The BYD Dolphin is a battery-electric C-segment station wagon based on BYD’s latest e-Platform 3.0. The front-wheel drive vehicle is available in three different engine variants: 70 kW (95 hp), 130 kW (177 hp) and 150 kW (204 hp); these paired with a 60.48 kWh LFP BYD Blade battery allow the BYD Dolphin a range of up to 427 km (WLTP); while energy consumption is 15.9kWh/100km (WLTP). BYD’s breakthrough Blade battery technology sets new standards for e-vehicles in terms of safety, durability and performance. In addition, the BYD Dolphin has the most advanced active and passive safety features. More information: www.byd.com

Finalist: CUPRA Born

The CUPRA Born is the driving proof that electric mobility does not have to be boring. The first fully electric model from the Challenger brand stands for performance and driving pleasure and makes a statement with its emotional design – created in Barcelona. Thanks to e-Boost, the CUPRA Born achieves a maximum output of up to 170 kW (231 hp) – enough for a sporty sprint from zero to one hundred in 6.6 seconds. In the two e-Boost versions, the performance model also gets a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh. This means it offers long-lasting driving pleasure with a range of up to 540 kilometers. And recharging is particularly quick: just seven minutes is all it takes to drive 100 kilometers again. Further information at www.seat.de

Finalist: KIA EV 6 (model year 2024).

With the EV6, Kia has entered a new era of electromobility in 2021. The first crossover model designed exclusively for battery drive has a range of up to 528 kilometers, can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in around 18 minutes, is available with rear- and all-wheel drive and offers a power range of 125 to 239 kW (170 to 325 hp). With the EV6 GT, a 430 kW (585 hp) high-performance version has also been on sale since the end of 2022. Based on the new E-GMP electric platform, the crossover, which is just under 4.70 meters long, is characterized not only by its range, ultra-fast charging and powerful powertrains but also by plenty of space, high seating comfort and a wide range of the latest assistance and infotainment technologies. Further information at www.kia.de

Finalist: NIO EL7

The NIO EL7 is a smart, electric SUV of the upper middle class for the whole family. It combines versatility and functionality with freedom, making it perfect for trips into the great outdoors. The interior of the NIO EL7 combines sustainable elements with refined accents to create a design that feels like a second living room. The 100-kWh long-distance battery enables a range of 509 kilomters (WLTP). A generous trunk with a maximum volume of 658 liters provides ample storage space. The electric trailer hitch is approved for caravans and camper trailers with a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 kg. The twin-engine architecture with all-wheel drive provides up to 480 kW of power. For more information www.nio.io

Finalist: Nissan Townstar EV station wagon

The family electric vehicle, all-electric through everyday family life: the Nissan Townstar EV station wagon makes it possible. It is based on the CMF-C platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. Five seats, a sliding rear seat, up to 2,500 liters of trunk volume and a towing capacity of 1,500 kilograms transform the passenger car version of the electric van into an ideal companion for work and leisure. Fast DC charging via the vehicle’s CCS port enables charging from 15 to 80 percent in just 37 minutes; a battery cooling system and, depending on the equipment, a heat pump are also on board. Another feature that is anything but a matter of course in this class is the ProPILOT Assistant driving assistance system, which provides support during braking, steering and acceleration, thus enhancing safety and comfort in equal measure. Further information at www.nissan.de

Category Autonomous Driving & Electronics

Winner: AIS – Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution by Easyrain i.s.p.a.

Easyrain has developed the first active safety system that prevents aquaplaning accidents by spraying a jet of water near the front tires: Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS) offers instant activation without driver intervention and a very fast response time – less than 80 meters in an emergency. AIS eAIS draws water from the vehicle’s standard windshield tank. The improvements in vehicle dynamics are considerable: In dangerous wet conditions and aquaplaning, AIS reduces braking distance at highway speeds by more than 20% and helps the driver to perform evasive maneuvers with ease. www.easyrain.it

Category Charging & Energy

Winner: SoluM EV Charger 120kW for retail by SoluM Europe GmbH

With the SoluM Charging Station 120 kW for retail, Solum revolutionizes electric vehicle charging for businesses. First, it offers the possibility of customizing the charging station from the color scheme to the gun to the own company logo that can be placed on the device. Second, the interactive design with LED lights and a full screen on the front allows users to remotely check the charging status and vehicle connection. Third, it provides a faster R.O.I./breakeven point through additional revenue streams from direct advertising and enhanced P.O.S. on the unit, even without charging activity. For more information www.solum-group.com

Finalist: EOS2 AX101 by EvsePrivateLimited.

The EO2 AX101 charging station is a durable and cost-effective charging solution for electric vehicles. The aluminum housing offers a sleek and robust design. Thanks to its high quality, the AX101 provides reliable charging performance, making it a durable and low-maintenance option. A smart charging station that scores high in affordability, durability and functionality. The EO2-AX101 is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of electric vehicle charging. For more information www.eo2.in

Category Battery & Powertrain

Winner: State Of Health (SOH) Dashboard – Stromnetz Hamburg

The state of health (SOH) of a battery is an important key figure of electrically powered vehicles, as the range can be continuously monitored and the operation can be guaranteed and maintenance can be planned. The results of the work lay the foundation for the implementation of a dashboard for continuous monitoring of the SOH progression. For the first time, it is possible to determine the SOH directly based on the stored charging station measurement data within the IT backend. The analyses are based on charging data from two different bus models with NMC and LMP technology. The increasing internal resistance is shown to be a promising parameter. Clear trends can be calculated for both battery technologies investigated. Further information can be found at www.stromnetz-hamburg.de

Category: Student

Winner: W.001 by Angelo Rito

W.001 is part of the further development of Fraunhofer IFAM’s TRL-5 prototype. The cartridge is based on a deposit system and allows a more compact design as well as a modular construction of this system. POWERPASTE is a chemical hydrogen storage system with extremely high storage density for PEM fuel cell applications. Upon contact with water, it produces gaseous hydrogen and contains approximately 10 mass % hydrogen (1 kg H2 = 10 kg POWERPASTE). The specific energy is 1600 Wh/kg, the energy density after conversion is 1900 Wh/l (10 times higher than Li-ion batteries). POWERPASTE offers many advantages over other energy storage technologies, especially in the power range from 100 W to 10 kW. For more information see www.angelorito.de

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