“IPhone users always want their content at their fingertips, and CarPlay allows drivers to use their iPhone in the car with very little distraction,” announced Greg Joswiak, Apple’s then vice president for iPhone and iOs marketing division at the Geneva Motor Show. Seven years later, CarPlay is one of the reference ecosystems in the automotive sector, thanks to a rich and intuitive interface that accompanies you on trips to continue using the apps installed on the iPhone in complete safety and comfort through the car displays.

For the many EV-Drivers with an iPhone in their pocket, it is now possible to take advantage of the popular evway app on CarPlay, to always have a complete tool for sustainable and smart travel. It is no coincidence that electric cars are constantly at the top of the preferences of technology enthusiasts. In fact, clean-propelled cars are the most efficient answer to a necessary green change and on average offer cutting-edge tech equipment compared to fossil fueled ones.


evway enters the list of apps compatible with CarPlay

evway proves to be at the forefront once again, embracing the millions of users who use CarPlay every day. From the Tesla locomotive that drives the sector to the offers that now populate the catalogs of all brands exponentially, electric cars guarantee an experience in step with the news in multimedia, safety and remote control. And an ever deeper connection with the smartphone.

Six of the top ten best-selling smartphones worldwide in January 2021 were iPhones (Data: Counterpoint Research) and CarPlay is one of the most popular features also thanks to an increasingly extensive integration and compatibility with new car models. Among the new arrivals on board CarPlay there is therefore the evway app which can take advantage of the large screen of the car’s infotainment system – the integrated one but also a possible additional external model – through the connection of an iPhone.

What are the advantages of the evway app with CarPlay for those traveling with an electric car? Thanks to a network of 200,000 charging points throughout Europe, simply open the map of the evway app for CarPlay, tap the blue arrow at the top right and thus view the charging stations located nearby at any time. A useful service when you have arrived at your destination or stopped for refreshment, rest or visit a business and want to transform the break into an active stop by recharging the energy consumed during the journey.

From the app on CarPlay you can zoom in on the map, set filters to search for the type of favourite charging point, instantly check the availability of the station and then identify the one that is right for you. To reach it, tap on Go by starting navigation via Apple’s Maps app. Once in place, it is then possible to activate the recharge with a simple tap directly from the app and, therefore, from the comfort of your passenger compartment: a very useful service for staying dry if it is raining, warm in winter when temperatures are very rigid or still in the cool of the air conditioner when traveling in the scorching summer sun. Among the other services offered by the evway app on CarPlay there is also real-time assistance.

If you want to constantly monitor all the stations that are nearby at any time during the journey, the official and free evway app informs you in real time about nearby charging points. The software for iPhone (or Android) in fact provides the free eMX navigator designed for electric cars as well as other functions such as the Route Planner trip planner or the numerous sustainable travel tips with Travel Network. From CarPlay it will always be possible to control nearby stations, but not in real time during the journey, in accordance with the characteristics defined by Apple for charging service apps for electric vehicles.
With CarPlay, evway adds another important piece to an offer that extends from Android and iOS operating systems to the high-performance and competitive software for infotainment systems for sustainable travel in the name of comfort, innovation and no-stress.

evway: https://evway.net/en/

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