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From combustion engine to electric car in Escape Rooms: VW Wolfsburg opens eMotionRoom

Following in the footsteps of the Volkswagen plants in Zwickau and Emden, Wolfsburg will also become an e-factory in the coming years. In the fundamental transformation, the location is not only relying on technical training, but also on emotions: To this end, an eMotionRoom has been opened at the Wolfsburg plant, where 22,000 production employees will playfully go through and experience the transformation process from combustion engine to e-car over the next few months.

The eMotionRoom in Wolfsburg was designed internally by the Volkswagen Group Academy and the plant organisation. It has three elaborately designed rooms in which various puzzles and tasks have to be solved in 20 minutes each. It starts with a journey back to the 19th century (invention of the first electric motor), the second room takes you through the history of the Wolfsburg site to the present (production of combustion engines). Finally, there is a look into the digital future of driving.

As in classic escape rooms, the teams (four people each) have to solve various tasks in each room in order to open the exit. Each group is supervised by two instructors from the Group Academy via video link. The eMotionRoom is part of a one-day eMotionDay, during which other training topics – such as the use of VR goggles in production or new professions like commissioning engineer – are presented. The eMotionRoom is to be used at least until the end of 2024.

In autumn, production of a vehicle on the platform of the modular e-drive system, or MEB for short, will start for the first time in Wolfsburg with the ID.3 model. By the summer, around 1,200 employees will have been trained for ID.3 production.The new production line for the ID.3 and the new Tiguan will be set up in the coming months. Volkswagen is investing an initial €460 million in this until the beginning of 2025. The largest share of this sum will be invested in production facilities, while a portion will be used to finance training – such as the eMotionRoom – and conversion measures. After the ID.3, another MEB model (SUV) will roll off the production line in Wolfsburg in the near future. www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

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