Innovative Lightweight Construction Utilizing FIT Production’s Additive Manufacturing Know-how

Lightweight design for new mobility is the motto of Materialica 2015. In this context, FIT’s additive design and manufacturing (ADM) experts are exhibiting the latest state of the art designs concerning lightweight construction at booth 412 in Hall A6.

Lightweight construction as achieved by additive manufacturing is an ideal solution for modern sustainability, efficient use of resources, and multifunctionality, as required especially in the mobility industries. By effective microstructuring, new product properties can be made available. It will require a genuine additive design to make the best possible use of AM’s productive potential.Bild Innovative Leichtbaustrukturen klein

FIT Production has been certified according to ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, and shortly ISO 9100. With 20 years’ experience FIT Production is able to produce high tech parts to match quality and performance targets.

Dedicated especially to innovative lightweight construction, the additive manufacturing experts by FIT Production have developed the all-encompassing “Additive Design and Manufacturing” concept. FIT Production’s additive technologies allow creative freedom of design to an as yet unheard of degree, allowing a completely new way of conceiving products and surpassing traditional manufacturing properties. For example, a cylinder head was developed by FIT Production in cooperation with a leading car manufacturer, including all steps from adapted additive design through additive manufacturing in aluminum. By skilled microstructuring, the part’s weight could be reduced by 66%, while the cooling surface was increased by a factor of 12.

This example and other original lightweight parts are on display at FIT Production’s booth, demonstrating weight reduction, stability, surface quality, and microstructuring.

About FIT Production: The subsidiary of the FIT Group has specialized in additive engineering, additive manufacturing of single parts, mass customization and additive volume manufacturing in industries such as motorsports, aerospace, mechanical engineering, consumer goods, and many more.
For more information, please visit FIT Production at Materialica 2015 at booth 412 in Hall A6.

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